A few years ago while installing conveyor systems and racking in warehouses, which I really enjoyed doing, I began thinking about the different jobs I’ve had and what it was that I really enjoyed doing in life. I realized the jobs where I was building or assembling something were the kind of things I really liked doing. I also thought about when I was raising PIGS ?  (yes it smelled ?, we had over 2,000 on the farm at all times!) how I missed being around people while I was working.

Working with other people, where we worked as a TEAM, has always been enjoyable and rewarding, so building a TEAM that builds things together was a goal I had.

In 2011 as I was working across four different time zones and was gone most of the time from Devonne (my wife), my kids and grandkids I knew then that I wanted to be at home with them more than just doing what I liked.

During that year I thought of a lot of things I could do, but I kept going back to construction, it was one evening in early December while in Minneapolis, snow was falling ?, and we were up putting on a steel roof, that I knew it was time, so I ended a 14-year career in the material handling business at the end of that month.

I immediately began looking for remodeling jobs and started studying for my Class D license, which the city of Omaha required.

In 2014 we sold our home and bought a house to remodel. All the while living in it and doing other remodeling jobs at the same time. I remember moving in to that house in late November, living in just the basement since the upstairs was being gutted and reconstructed. We had just the bare concrete walls with all our things stacked around our bed and couch. We had internet, but no TV, so we spent our evenings watching Christmas movies ? on the internet. I have to say thank you to you, Devonne for going through all that with me.

During this time, I don’t remember exactly when, a friend of ours mentioned building decks. At first I didn’t think a lot about it but as time went on, what he said kept coming back to me. I finally decided to listen to those thoughts and go in that direction. So in the summer of 2015 I started building decks for others and not just the one in my own backyard!

I initially named my company Ehrenberg Construction, but when I decided on decks I wanted something with decks in it so in 2016 I started a dba (doing business as) All About Decks Omaha. Since then, we have built a number of decks, learning a lot, and at the same time trying to build a TEAM. Not always easy, but I really like doing what I’m doing!