Did you all blink too? It was as if I went to sleep last night after a great Fourth of July and woke up to Pumpkin Spice lattes, flannel, falling leaves, and cooler weather! It is just about time to sit back put our feet up and yell at the TV as the Nebraska Huskers are about to kick off another great season…. Oh wait. That was canceled too. It feels as if the year 2020 was just canceled and we are just counting the days till January 2021 and we can try this all over again, RIGHT?!?!
However I’m here to bring you good news. Fall may or may not be your favorite season (for sure not mine), but this year we can take full advantage of the backyard gatherings since that might be the only place we can go without worrying about everything.
From all of us here at All About Decks here are some ways to turn your backyard into the newest spot in Omaha, even if it’s just your own personal spot.
First the clean up and declutter process. I like to pull everything off the deck and power wash it (or just hose it down). During this you can also tell if any chipping or rotting is occurring. Which brings us to the second step, slowly and carefully inspect your deck to make sure it hasn’t suffered any damage from use, or weather. Check for any nails that might have wiggled lose or uneven floor boards. All of these things are easy fixes with sanders, hammers, or a phone call to Dan the Handy Man. Don’t forget to check the footings and foundation of the deck as well. Neglecting the foundation of the deck could result in another 2020 catastrophe.
Maybe after further inspection you come to the revelation that a new deck is needed. I just so happen to know a guy!
Now for my favorite part, redecorating the deck! Here are my suggestions. First, Menards. They have their amazing 11% rebate and sales on patio furniture. If you are handy they have the stones to build a firepit or just buy a pre assembled one. This fall I’m thinking everyone needs their own epic backyard fire. (Burn responsibly).
Hobby Lobby is already offering 40% off all fall d├ęcor for lanterns, flannel blankets, plastic pumpkins, or that big wooden sign that says WELCOME. If the patio furniture just needs a little fluff, add some new cushions.
Well, now you have your own backyard paradise in the midst of the 2020 storm. At this point we might as well make the most of it. As my mother always says, “are you going to choose to be happy? Or not?”

~The Deck Builder’s Daughter~