Here we are the end of January and the coldest days of the winter yet. Thankfully we are working inside. If you didn’t know this, we do have another line of work that we sometimes do called, material handling. This is work in warehouses where we install conveyor systems, storage rack, shelving, carousels and mezzanines. Currently we are moving a chain link fence (35 feet high) from one part of a warehouse to another. We also had a small out of town job up in Minnesota the first of January where we took the whole crew to set up some rack. So it has been a nice variety of inside work for everyone.

We are really thankful to be booked full until the 3rd week of April and that is if there is no lost time due to weather!

If you are planning on replacing or repairing your deck this spring, now might be a good time to contact us and get it scheduled as we usually get many more calls for quotes as the weather begins to warm up in a few weeks.                                                                                                                Stay Warm!

Dave Ehrenberg